Sower, sow! Even through far borders,
Sow like stars, like waves sow!
Do not mind, if birds peck your sows,
On their place God will sow pearls.

(D. Varoujhan, “Sowing”)  

        Having developed the theory of Genesis-Aya, A. Varbedyan had already known that decades on his theory will concentrate a set of searches of human mind and it’ll be an inexhaustible source for both contemporary and future researchers.

        Later on, step by step Varpetyan’s scientific foresight has been practically proved. And as an example today here we reflected the fact, how deep is the influence of Varbedyan’s ideas on contemporaries. “The Genesis of Civilizations” of a Danish designer Karekin Dickran
 is a vivid example to it, especially the basic concept of Haya/Aya/E (on historical sequence- E/Aya/Haya, see ),  genetic connections of which were firstly discovered and showed by A. Varbedyan  through detailed and comprehensive observations and analyses. According to A. Varbedyan,  who concentrated his attention on the petroglif founded during the excavations in Medsamor, today Karekin Dickran tried to study the problem of the pictogram “E”  and the mysterious triangle;  the close connections between them in general and their semantic context is completely observed in A. Varbedyan’s  works.

        Relying on Varbedyan’s theory Dickran in his work, mentioned above, noted the crucial importance of the hunter and gatherer life styles in Armenian Highland on the future development of Homo sapiens.

        The concept of E as an “Eternal Prime One Being”, parallels between E/Aya/Haya and Hebrew Hayah, the Land of the Holy Cosmic Mountains, “the place where the Spirit of God of Gods Haya/Aya/E dwells”, “the Sea of Cosmic immaterial Light” and other such models also speak about deep influence.

        But unfortunately we have to note that K. Dickran in his work doesn't refer to any sources and even doesn't mention A. Varbeydan's name at all. It's unacceptable in scientific and civilised world...

        The works of this kind will appear not once, because all mankind is in a “race” for searching the truth.

        A. Varbedyan devoted his life to the revelation of the mystery of “E”! Centuries are required to understand the real value of the scientific achievements gained by him. Each virtuous idea is like a stable mountain. How long winds blow and how much noise they make, the mountain will stand constantly as self-evidence and as a triumphant demonstration of Universal principles!!!
Erina Ice,  03.02.2011